privacy policy

APT has long recognized the importance of maintaining the privacy of personal and sensitive information of our employees, candidates, clients, vendors and partners. The nature of our business requires us to collect and handle such information, and we have a responsibility to protect this information for as long as it is in our possession. At Manpower, respecting our employees, candidates, clients, vendors and partners is a part of our core values, along with being committed to providing services in an ethical manner.
We respect your privacy by:
• Respecting your choices about our collection, use and sharing of information, where appropriate.
• Collecting, using and retaining only personal information that is relevant and useful to our business interactions.
• Using reasonable efforts to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date.
• Using safeguards to protect personal information.
• Limiting access to and disclosure of personal information.
• Retaining only the personal information that is needed to fill our legal and business obligations.

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